Spiritual Formation Center


Holy Impatience

By Katie Harmon-McLaughlin In 1963, while Martin Luther King Jr. was in the Birmingham, Alabama jail, he received criticism from white clergy for being “unwisely and untimely.” His response, written from his cell, may be one of the most powerful…

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Finding Time To Wait

by Shandra Newcom God of the next, the waiting, the promise: We humbly come to you and we bring all our stuff; all our things and fears, all our belongings and questions, all our purchases and uncertainties – that which…

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Week Two: Advent Waiting

By Katie Harmon-McLaughlin My first encounters with the Internet were accompanied by the long, screeching, wavering tone of dial-up. In those days, waiting for a webpage to load was not as inconvenient as it was miracle. To be so connected…

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