Spiritual Formation Center


Daily Lenten Reflection

And, always remember, the way of suffering love that leads to the cross also leads to resurrection and everlasting life in Christ’s eternal community of oneness and peace. Trust in this promise. –Stephen M. Veazey, Words of Counsel 2013 We do…

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Dark and Light: A Solstice Blessing

By Katie Harmon-McLaughlin “You are the one who knows, behind the rising, falling tide of shadow, the moon is always whole.” -Barbara Kingsolver, Another America Dark and Light Are not so separate As we often imagine. What of dusk and dawn? What of starlight…

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Lenten Practice: Centering Prayer Daily Act: God’s Spirit is a place of unity drawing us together in oneness. Today, intentionally extend love to someone with whom you disagree. Weekly Prayer Phrase: I DWELL IN YOU AS THE SOURCE OF ALL…

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