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Joyful Anticipation Deepens

by Zac Harmon-McLaughlin Joyful anticipation deepens. This waiting is expectant. This yearning pounds with possibility. Joyful anticipation deepens. The Holy is present, The sacred right alongside us. Though there is no clarity, there is certainty. Joyful anticipation deepens. Even when…

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Lenten Practice: Lectio Divina Daily Act: Write a note to someone to let them know how their life is integral to God’s unfolding story. Weekly Prayer Phrase: Repeat this phrase slowly as you breathe deeply. You may choose to memorize…

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Lenten Practice: Lectio Divina Daily Act: Allow God’s Living Word to speak through you as you raise your voice for justice and peace. Find the courage to speak out against an injustice that weighs on your heart. Weekly Prayer Phrase:…

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