Spiritual Formation Center


The Advent Challenge

By Dustin Davis “I personally think that honesty about ourselves and all of reality is the way that God made grace totally free and universally available.” -Richard Rohr, Eager to Love, pg. 104 I recently visited with one of my…

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Courage: A Prayer

by Katie Harmon-McLaughlin With all these questions And expectations And distractions I come to the threshold Of your presence Weary and enlivened Standing on the edge of Vastness Trembling with a Joy-Fear-Awe Do I dare enter in? Do I dare…

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Not Passivity

Lenten Practice: Centering Prayer Daily Act: Practice deep breathing throughout your day. Whenever an emotion is triggered that would cause you to be anxious, stressed, or angry, take as many deep breaths as needed to rest in God’s presence. Allow…

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