By Katie Harmon-McLaughlin

Let it be what it is
Don’t rush to fix it
Maybe just try to give it a name
Hold it with honesty
And the assurance of grace
Resist the urgency claim
Find rest in the inefficient

This isn’t about progress
Stand still for a while
Just long enough in one place
To sink in deep

The journey inviting us
May be the one we hadn’t thought to take
That beckons beneath our feet
Beneath the layers of protest in the soul
Over productivity and time

Rest into a different rhythm
A downward way
And forget all thoughts
Just for a while
Of moving forward

Exactly here
Is where the Spirit is speaking
Not in some future moment
But in this one
Let it say what it needs to say
About what is forming within you
And taking a shape you cannot yet see

Let what is real in you be real
And trust for a while
That it will lead to a place deeper
Where beneath the swells
Of whatever feelings emerge
Is a holy source of life
That is about more than
Merely making it through
Or suffocating politeness
Or the need to make it sound ok

Let it be what it is
Just for a while
Just long enough
To really see
What is really real
To practice being brave
To let what feels important
Find its way to the surface
Breaching in the soul
To breathe
To live