Upcoming Events


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October 21-23, 2016 A Spiritual Retreat at the Spiritual Formation Center and Kirtland Temple with guest minister Don Compier. Join us in a spiritual retreat experience focused on encountering God through popular music! Don Compier will guide us in a search for Spirit across genres, an exploration of music as a vehicle for justice throughout history, and a pilgrimage to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. Transcending boundaries of “secular” and “sacred” this retreat will emphasize God’s presence in all things and how holy encounter can be as accessible as turning on the radio!

Cost: $85.00 per person (includes meals, materials, and entry to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) Registration coming soon. For more information, contact khmclaughlin@cofchrist.org or click here.

ENCOUNTERING GOD AT HOME: Spiritual Formation with Children, Youth, and Families 

April 7-9, 2017

Join us for a time of spiritual formation and renewal as we discover ways to practice spirituality in and with families of all kinds. We will explore household blessings, spiritual practices for children and youth, sacred rhythms for family life, and experience meaningful intergenerational worship and practice.

 All ages and people are invited to attend, whether you have children yourself or desire to learn more about nurturing the families you know and love.

Childcare is included for children under age 3 in the registration fee for children. Pre-K and older are invited into their own time of retreat which will intersect throughout the weekend with the primary sessions and worships.


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