LENT 2017

This Lent, we have asked writers to share their stories of sacred resistance after the model of Jesus in the desert. They are stories of release and awareness, of growing honesty and hopeful transformation. We invite you to journey this Lenten way with us, finding new courage and conviction in stories shared. How is the Spirit inviting you to resist and release in the desert this Lent? Subscribe to the Daily Bread Blog to receive daily reflections during the Lenten Season from a variety of Community of Christ writers.

Click here to view our recommended Spiritual Practice: The Practice of Spiritual Freedom. 

LENTEN RESOURCE: A Spirituality of Resistance (A companion guide to the Daily Bread Lenten Series for Individuals or Small Groups)


LENTEN RESOURCE: “SACRED RESTRAINT” A Spiritual Companion for the Lenten Desert. This resource was created as a prayer companion for an individual or group spiritual retreat, or for use throughout the Lenten Season. It contains suggested prayers, reflections, and practices for deeper reflection on the themes and invitations of Lent.

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Other Recommended Resources: 

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