Encountering God at Home: Spiritual Retreat

Registration Open!
Register Here: https://cofchrist.wufoo.com/forms/pr04fxh1gueclh/
Registration Deadline: March 10, 2017. Limited Spaces Available.  



Join us for a time of spiritual formation and renewal as we discover ways to practice spirituality in and with families of all kinds. We will explore household blessings, spiritual practices for children and youth, sacred rhythms for family life, and experience meaningful intergenerational worship and practice.

 All ages and people are invited to attend, whether you have children yourself or desire to learn more about nurturing the families you know and love.

Childcare is included for children under age 3 in the registration fee for children. Pre-K and older are invited into their own time of retreat which will intersect throughout the weekend with the primary sessions and worships.

Register Here: https://cofchrist.wufoo.com/forms/pr04fxh1gueclh/ 

Flyer: encountering-god-at-home (REGISTRATION DEADLINE: MARCH 10, 2017) 

Practices and Activities for Children and Youth:

Children and youth will have opportunity to explore spiritual practice stations, tour the Temple, walk the Labyrinth, engage their creativity, use their bodies as a form of prayer, and explhand-644145_960_720ore the Children’s Peace Pavilion. Worship experiences will all be designed for our intergenerational community!

Retreat Schedule 

(Schedule is subject to change.)


5:00-6:45 Registration & Fellowship (Spiritual Practice Stations for Families)
There will be opportunities for children and families to engage in spiritual practice resource and activity stations set up throughout the Temple foyer. (All Ages)

7:00 “The Household of God” Intergenerational Worship Experience (All Ages) Offering will be received to cover retreat costs. Additional funds collected will go toward the Children’s Peace Pavilion.

8:00 Continued Time at the Spiritual Practice Stations and fellowship (All Ages)

8:30 Rest & Renewal


8:30 Coffee and Fellowship (All Ages)

9:00 Opening Devotion (All Ages) “Everyday God”

9:40 Break into age groups (& childcare begins)

10:00 Session 1: “Encountering God at Home” (Adults)
(Children and Youth Options- Peace Pavilion Visit/ Spiritual Practice Sessions)

10:45 Break (Adults)

11:00 Session 2: Adults All Together
Children’s Options: (same)

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Prayer for Peace (Temple Sanctuary- All Ages)

1:20 Yoga for All Ages with Lisa Ash (Intergenerational option)

2:00 Breakout sessions
• Children and Youth Options- Peace Pavilion Visit/ Spiritual Practice Sessions
• Adult Options (see descriptions below)

3:00 Break (Adults)

3:30 Breakout sessions
• Children and Youth Options- Peace Pavilion Visit/ Spiritual Practice Stations
• Adult options (See descriptions below)

4:30-6:00 Dinner and Exploring Together (Intergenerational options- All Ages)

6:30 “The Backyard” Intergenerational Experience (All Ages)

7:30 Rest & Renewal


9:00 Opening Devotion (All Ages)

9:45 Growing Together: Spiritual Practices for Families (All Ages)

10:45 Snack/Fellowship Time/Break

11:00 Closing Intergenerational Worship “From the Home to the World” (All Ages)
Offering will be received to cover retreat costs. Additional funds collected will go toward the Children’s Peace Pavilion. 

Sessions for Adults: 

  • Household Blessings: How can household blessings offer important ministry opportunities to families? This session will explore the role of Evangelist as spiritual companion to children, youth, and families.
  • Theological Inquiries of Children: How do we have conversation about complex theological issues and companion children in their ongoing spiritual and disciple formation?
  • How to Engage in Scripture as a Family: Using Lectio Divina at home and creatively engaging scripture stories, bringing the Living Word to life for children!
  • Holistic Rhythms in the Home: This session will explore discernment as a family practice to create sacred rhythms in the home and decide what matters most together. In a culture of too much to do all the time, how can families find balance and rest within the work and play?
  • Searching for Spiritual Home: What are the unique opportunities and challenges of congregational life for families with children? How can congregations become more welcoming for families? What new expressions are emerging to spiritually nurture families seeking spiritual home?
  • Sabbath and Spiritual Renewal: This will be a guided time for spiritual practice and renewal, a refuge from the busyness of life!
  • Standing in the Thresholds: This session will explore major transitions in life together and how to support families, or support each other as family, during different developmental stages, life crises, and celebrations.

Intergenerational Offerings: 

  • Spiritual Practices for Families
  • Labyrinth with Children
  • Technology and Spirituality 
  • “Rule of Life” for Families
  • Play as a Spiritual Practice
  • Peace Pavilion Visits
  • Encounter God in the Home


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