Spiritual Direction

Opportunity for Spiritual Direction

Are you interested in individual or group Spiritual Direction? 

Spiritual Direction may be for you if…
… you are feeling called to grow deeper in your relationship with God
… you are in a period of transition or discernment seeking the Spirit’s direction in your life
… you have a desire to explore the deeper longings within, even if you aren’t sure what you believe
… you seek meaningful spiritual companionship for your spiritual journey
… you feel like your faith is changing and desire a place to process new understandings

Contact Khmclaughlin@cofchrist.org for more information on starting a Spiritual Direction relationship or to contact a Community of Christ Spiritual Director.


Commitment: Once a month as long as a person desires to continue.

Religious Affiliation: Spiritual directors are trained in holy listening and spiritual companioning. There is no attempt to proselytize and no need to be of a similar religious tradition. All are welcome.

What is Spiritual Direction? “Spiritual direction is the contemplative practice of helping another person or group to awaken to the mystery called God in all of life, and to respond to that discovery in a growing relationship of freedom and commitment.” -Spiritual Directors International (www.sdiworld.org)

Our Relationship
Our relationship is one of spiritual companionship. As the director, I practice holy listening as you share about your journey with God. I commit to walking beside you without judgment or agenda as you seek the Spirit in all aspects of life. Spiritual direction often happens between people of diverse spiritual and theological backgrounds. There will be no attempts at proselytizing. You are invited to share freely from your faith background as you are. This is true if you do not claim a faith tradition as well. All are welcome and will be treated with respect.

While it is important to understand what Spiritual Direction is, it is also important to understand what spiritual direction is not. I am not trained to give psychological, financial, or relationship advice. It is not the goal of Spiritual Direction to attempt to “fix” problems, but to consistently journey together seeking God in all the sorrows and celebrations of life.

Sharing together about the spiritual life requires vulnerability. I highly value your privacy and commit to keeping our sessions in the strictest confidence. Our time together is sacred. I will not reveal the content of our conversations unless I am required to do so by law or court order. You are welcome to share the content of our sessions at any time at your own digression.

Time of Sessions
We commit to begin and end our sessions on time. Sessions are 50-60 minutes once a month.

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