Spiritual Retreats and Ministries

Spiritual Formation Center Ministries:

  • Individual and Group Spiritual Retreats
  • Individual and Group Historic Pilgrimage Retreats
  • Classroom Space
  • Chapel for worship, personal prayer, reflection etc.
  • Ongoing Small Group Ministries
  • Meditation Gardens and outdoor space for reflection and prayer
  • Cloth Labyrinth
  • Access to Kirtland Temple for prayer or worship during planned retreat times
  • Access to nearby wilderness spaces such as; Holden Arboretum, Lake Erie, Chapin Forest and the Lake County Metroparks

DSC08835Retreats to Consider: Retreats are structured in collaboration with individuals or congregations desiring to attend.

  • Individual (Directed or undirected)
  • Family
  • Pastor/Leadership Team
  • Congregation
  • Age Specific Group Retreats (Youth, Young Adults, Seniors, etc.)
  • Small Group
  • Silent Retreat
  • Priesthood and Leaders
  • Mission Center Staff

DSC08801Costs will vary based on lodging, meals, and desired materials. Retreat planning will include budget planning based on the needs of the participants.

Possible Retreat Themes and Classes:

  • Spiritual Formation
  • Spiritual Practices for Everyday Life
  • Discernment
  • Silent Retreat
  • Pilgrimage & Journey
  • Spiritual Diversity (Types): Discovering the different ways we connect with God and how that impacts congregational life.
  • Spirit and Mission (Contemplation and Compassionate Action)
  • Spiritually Vibrant Congregations
  • Other requested topics


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