Stay tuned for information about applying to Cohort 2. Contact khmclaughlin@cofchrist.org with questions or inquiries. 

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Community of Christ, from its origins, has been rooted in the movement of God’s spirit as the foundational avenue for discerning and living mission. Recently, the necessity for spiritual formation in mission has become even more apparent. To live the whole mission of Christ, we must understand the whole person of Christ as one who modeled the ancient pattern of the inward/outward journey.

The goal of Spiritual Formation Minister Training is to deepen our individual and corporate spirituality by equipping those who have a sense of call to be Spiritual Companions in a variety of ministry settings. As we continue to learn about the importance of encounter in mission (LCM), the value of ongoing spiritual formation for priesthood, and the significance of becoming a prophetic people, Spiritual Formation Ministers can provide education and experiences to help us become who we are called to be.

Practices such as discernment and holy listening have blessed the church in recent decision-making processes, allowing us to live unity in diversity through potentially divisive moments. Community of Christ is becoming a beacon of hope as we faithfully turn to God’s Spirit for the path ahead. Through training ministers specifically for spiritual formation, individuals and congregations can experience those same blessings of Christ-like relationships and deepened capacity for mission.

Community of Christ is poised to respond to individuals and groups who seek genuine spiritual experiences that are connected with God’s vision for the whole creation. There are many within and outside of the church waiting for opportunities to be spiritually nourished in loving, missional communities.

We thank you for considering this significant formational experience at this time in the life of the church.

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