Preparing for Advent

Holiday preparations are beginning in many homes in many forms. Some of us come expectant; some come resistant. We may come bringing grief and heavy-heartedness or joy and anticipation into these seasons that change and hold us in every phase of life. However you come, you are welcome here– along this ancient way that leads to fullest life. While many will be preparing their houses, their menus, and their travel plans, we pause at this seasonal threshold to consider how we are preparing our hearts. May these images, resources, and questions guide us as we prepare to move meaningfully through Advent.


Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 3.23.13 PMCreate Time for Intentional Advent Retreat:

Making Space: A Meditation

  • Enter into prayerful silence and imagine the space within you being prepared to receive the gift that Advent brings. What does it look like to open more space within? Are there things that need to be cleared out or rearranged? Imagine creating hospitable space within to receive the blessings of Advent and the new life that Christmas brings.

For what do you wait?

  • Spend time in prayer contemplating your deep hope and desire this Advent season. For what or whom do you wait expectant? What do you sense is the world’s deep hope? How do your hope and the world’s hope align?

You are invited to join us at the Spiritual Formation Center blog for practices, poetry, and reflections throughout the Advent season.

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