Daily Lenten Reflection

Christ is in you, so therefore you can look forward to sharing in God’s glory. It’s that simple. That is the substance of our Message… Christ! No more, no less. That’s what I’m working so hard at day after day, year after year, doing my best with the energy God so generously gives me. –Colossians 1:25-29, MSG

The willingness to shed a few things, to live more simply, and to rely more heavily on God’s generosity so that our journey may be less arduous and cumbersome may be painful at first.  But consider this possibility: What if what frightens us the most is actually an invitation to something new?  What if the painful and the difficult is a path to resurrection?  What if the blessings of less help us discover the more of God that we know is coming not just on Easter morning but that fills every moment?  What if it’s really that simple? –Dustin Davis, Disarmingly Simple 


  • What are you afraid of or resisting that could actually be an invitation to something new?
  • What blessings of less, in your life, may help you discover the God of more?
  • Prayerfully dwell with Colossians 1:25-29. What is God’s invitation to you in this text?

2 Replies to “Daily Lenten Reflection”

  1. Am I “doing my best with the energy God so generously gives me?” How much time and energy do I spend in ways that neither nurture me nor further God’s kingdom? Something for me to contemplate.

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