Being Dust: Daily Reflection

The restoring of persons to healthy or righteous relationships with God, others, themselves, and the earth is at the heart of the purpose of your journey as a people of faith.  –Community of Christ Doctrine and Covenants Section 163: 2b

Just as we revel in the profound relatedness inherent in our dust-being, we are reminded of the profound consequence of living in denial of that relatedness. This consequence is not punishment. It is not meant to shame or place blame. When our lives are so radically and inextricably connected, everything has impact on the whole. –Katie Harmon-McLaughlin, Being Dust: Ash Wednesday


  • As you consider your daily routines, habits, attitudes, and actions, what type of impact is your life having on the whole?
  • Where might reconciliation be needed in your relationships with God, others, self and the earth this Lenten season?
  • Prayerfully dwell in the reality of your inherent relatedness with all life.

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