Midwife Prayer

by Zac Harmon-McLaughlin

Holy Midwife,
Guide me through the birthing pangs
of growth and understanding.
Teach me how to breathe
in a world that is overrun
with pain, hurt, injustice, and suffering.
Help me be better present with what
is being born deep within me.

May I understand this pregnancy
through your eyes
as creator and nurturer–
knowing that this is a direct result
of falling in love with Shalom
and seeking out the hope and reality
of the peaceable kingdom.

Hold me in times of disruptive contractions.
Laugh with me in moments of joyful anticipation
of what is and will be.
Squeeze my hand to gently remind me
to be present in the experience
rather than turning away in fear.
Push me forward in the moments
I resign to complacency.

As I wait to experience
the continual birth of love,
inside and outside of me,
remind me of advent.
I pray with gratitude,

Spiritual Practice: Imagine the Spirit as the midwife of your soul. What is being birthed deep within this Advent season?

3 Replies to “Midwife Prayer”

  1. Thank you for this beautiful Advent ministry. I have forwarded each one to a Catholic friend of mine who has recently become a widow like me. We have shared our thoughts of each advent sharing via email and
    both been blessed.

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