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Danny A. Belrose © Angels’ wings, camels and kings, shepherds and sheep, stable in starlight piercing night’s ink, soft hallelujahs stirring inside a babe, a manger, a carpenter’s bride hope leaning forward, joy fills the earth, peace wrapped in starlight…

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Waiting for Emily

By Carolyn Brock (This article first appeared in the December 1986 Africa Herald Magazine.) One year ago I was waiting; I was full of energy waiting to break forth, full of life waiting to be born. I was waiting for…

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Dark and Light: A Solstice Blessing

By Katie Harmon-McLaughlin “You are the one who knows, behind the rising, falling tide of shadow, the moon is always whole.” -Barbara Kingsolver, Another America Dark and Light Are not so separate As we often imagine. What of dusk and dawn? What of starlight…

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