To Dwell in Sabbath Rest


by Katie Harmon-McLaughlin

Keeping hope can be hard.

In one moment I am consumed
With possibility’s fire.
In the next I am in the cold, dark cave
Of uncertainty, doubt.
Then moments like these creep in-
Of tempting apathy
That diminish the intensity
And also the fullness
Of life.

I need something between the fire and the cave
That is not half-hearted.

Something like sabbath rest
Which is more than a day off
To watch tv or clean the house.

It is a soul nourishing silence
Or laughter
Or sweet release
That does not distract
But moves with and through
What IS.
It is not anesthesia.
It is renewal.
It says to the heart-
And does not make false promises:

You are enough.
You are beloved.
All will be well.
Let what is within you
And beyond you
Fill you
Sustain you.
Listen to the rhythm of your soul
To rediscover your place among all things.
Rest in belonging.
Find peace in awe-
Refreshment in gratitude.
Let what is overwhelming humble you
Out of your addiction to control.
Spend time in the very source of the
Love-movement in the world
Which you seek and desire.
Let your actions and words
Flow forth from this space.
Trust your deepest oneness instinct
And allow this reality to permeate
Your knowing AND doing.
Divine Love does not desire your exhaustion
But will hold you close
When burn-out is near
If you allow yourself to be held
To dwell in sabbath rest.

From this place
In the time it takes
Enter again the flame or the cave
Or the wooded mountain path.
Enter with a heart in tune
To the God-song singing HOPE
In all you see.

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