IN by Katie Harmon-McLaughlin
Things have more meaning now
Than they did before
Words are doorways into
Their own rich and varied world
Simple symbols and motions move me
Reaching for bread
A hand to hold
A barren cross
A set table
I have stepped inside of my faith
Another world inside the one
I’m already in
It moves me closer to what is
A dissolver of distance
Sometimes I walk around like this for days
And my life is filled with light
Careless, I step outside again
Without knowing
And then search my surroundings
For another invitation in
In is where I most desire to be
In love
In relationship
In awe
Inside this faith inside the world
I am in divine presence
And divine presence is in me
It takes hardly anything
To flood me with love and purpose
A single leaf
A gust of wind
A candle
A welcome
A hymn
A hug
A sip of coffee beside an open window
All drenched in the sacred
How else can I explain
This heart-brimming-over way of life?
It is no secret
There is always, always
An invitation
Left before you
Wherever you are
Really look and you too will walk through the doorway
To this holy world within the world

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